Public Works

Public Works Office: 519-627-1426
Waterworks 519-627-0152
Swing Bridge 519-627-6823

Walpole Island Public Works


To administer and manage the Public Works programs and policies to en

sure the provision of essential services such as roads, bridges, waterworks, sanitation, parks and beaches, drainage, cemetery, and the marsh lands are available and maintained in a safe manner. The Public Works policies and procedures are governed by the Walpole Island Personnel Policy, Financial Regulations, Ministry of Environment and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.


Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)
The Ministry of Transportation (MTO)
Band Contribution (WIFN)


The Public Works Committee (6 member minimum) is mandated by the Council to be a representative to govern programs, policies, and regulations pertaining to Public Works activities under the management of the Public Works Manager.


The Public Works Manager, Administrator, Part time Receptionist, Acting Foreman, 2 full time equipment operators, 1 mechanic,1 sanitation worker, 3 bridge operators, 2 water treatment plant operators and various program workers as required.

The main responsibilities that the Public Works Department performs are as follows:
  • Bridges and Culverts: The Roads department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the bridges within the First Nation in accordance with the Ministry of Ontario guidelines. The bridges are inspected annually including abutments, wing walls, steam channel, approaches, deck, elements, superstructure, piers/footings, pilings and utilities.
  • Roadside Maintenance: Maintenance and repair of roadsides within the right-of-way including: grass mowing, brushing, tree trimming and removal that overhang onto a right-of-way or roadway, ditching, catch basins, curb and gutters, storm sewers, debris and litter pickup.
  • Hard-top Maintenance: Patching and spray patching, sweeping, flushing and cleaning, shoulder maintenance, asphalt and surface treatment.
  • Loose-top Maintenance: Patching and washouts, grading and scarifying, dust layer, gravel resurfacing.
  • Winter Control: Snowplowing and removal, sanding and salting, winter standby and safety devices.
  • Waterworks: A new state of the art Water Treatment and Distribution facility has been in operation. The old water plant is a storage building and the new plant will provide the community with safe, clean potable water using the latest technology. This class 3 water plant has two full time operators. This department maintains fire hydrants, installs waterlines and provides all water services as well as including quality control checks, record keeping and chemical adjustments. Residents are billed on a yearly basis. There are over 700 water customers and cottages.
  • Swing Bridge: The Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Swing Bridge to ensure the safe passage of the vehicle and vessel traffic. There is one head operator and two regular operators who work on 8 hour shifts from April to December each year.
  • Sanitation: The Public Works provides garbage collection for the community every Thursday from January to December and twice a week from May to September for the River Road. There are two transfer bins at the Dump Site on Dump Road. Burning garbage is prohibited.
  • Drainage: The Public Works department maintains the drains and is responsible for the maintenance and inspections of the two pumping stations.
  • Parks & Beaches: The Public Works department maintains the various parks and beaches by providing grass cutting and tree trimming.
  • Cemetery: The Public Works department is responsible for maintaining the Highbanks cemetery grounds and is funded by WIFN Contribution only.
  • Marsh Maintenance: The Public Works department is responsible for maintaining the roads, dykes and water table of the two marsh areas, Walpole Marsh and Bush Marsh. We provide services to grade and plow the roads and provide minor maintenance services. This also is only funded by the First Nation.
  • Minor Capital Projects: The Public Works department under the direction of the Public Works committee identifies First Nation projects on a 5 year plan that is forwarded to AANDC for approval and funding.
Other Public Works Projects/Functions:

Equipment Rentals – fees for machinery rentals are:

  • Backhoe $25 per hour Senior Rate 60 and over is $20
  • Dump Trucks $25 per hour Senior Rate 60 and over is $20
  • Dozer $50 per hour No Senior Rate
  • Grader $50 per hour No Senior Rate
  • Excavator $90 per hour, minimum 2 hour rental, No Senior Rate
  • Sale of Fill Dirt: When available only. Prices will vary.

911 Emergency Services: Any community questions or concerns should be forwarded to the Public Works Department.

Community Works Program: Each year an application is made to the Employment and Training Department to hire community members to provide assistance with grass cutting, clear ditches, under-brushing and roadside maintenance. These workers are under contract for a specific period of time.

Garbage Pickup: Garbage for the community is picked up on Thursdays. After Victoria Day garbage is also picked up on Monday’s for River Road North and South until Labor Day.

How Can the Community Help?

During snow storms, please keep vehicles off the roads as much as possible so that during an emergency Public Works can clear the roads.

Homeowners can help with the drainage problems by helping to maintain their own culverts if possible by clearing debris restricting the flow of water.

Contact Information:

Public Works Office: 519-627-1426
Waterworks 519-627-0152
Swing Bridge 519-627-6823

Summer Hours: The Public Works Crew goes into summer hours after Victoria Day.

They start at 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The office hours remain the same, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.