Heritage Centre

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Nin.Da.Waab.Jig! (Those who seek to Find) opened its doors in November 1989.

It is located at the north end of Walpole Island on the eastern side of Highbanks Park.  Over the past 25 years, the Centre has grown from its original function as primarily a land claims and historical research centre, to that of a multi-functional facility which houses Natural Heritage Program, Environmental Program, Research Department, External Projects Program and archival building for land claims, and research. Plus we house a small display area of artifacts, arrowheads, and pictures. We also have an excellent collection of legal and native history books.


The Heritage Centre’s goals support the efforts of Walpole Island’s Council and community:

  • to preserve and restore the Walpole Island First Nation’s natural and cultural heritage.
  • to restore the rights, and improve the capacity to manage and govern the Walpole Island First Nation and its traditional homelands, fairly, effectively, and efficiently.
  • to promote the sustainable development of Walpole Island into the next century.

The Centre has received recognition both nationally and internationally for its work on environmental issues and concerns.

  • The Walpole Island First Nation has maintained a strong community-based decision making approach sustaining its cultural heritage and traditional knowledge of the environment, while interacting effectively with the non-indigenous population. The First Nation has worked to educate its non-Aboriginal neighbors on the impact of pollution and development on the community. The First Nation’s general approach is to seek sharing of ideas and greater co-operation on projects.

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  • In 1995, the Walpole Island First Nation received the “We the Peoples 50 Communities” award from the Friends of the United Nations for its exemplary record in environmental research and sustainable development. Walpole Island was chosen as one of only 50 recipients cited worldwide for its ability to take Native culture and to combine it with Western science and North American “modern ways”.
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Community Engagement Strategy For Proposed 2015 Fish Habitat Assessment Project