Employment and Training

Telephone:  519-627-7148

The Walpole Island First Nation Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Agreement (ASETA) “provides the Walpole Island Employment & Training Program with the means and ability to determine, develop and deliver employment and training services and human resource development programs to all Walpole Island members whether their residency is on or off reserve.”

The goal of the Walpole Island First Nation Employment and Training Program is to provide training and employment opportunities to gain valuable work experience and skill enhancement. In affiliation with Human Resource and Skills Development Canada, Walpole Island First Nation Employment and Training Program provides training and employment opportunities to help our clients find and keep jobs.

We offer a variety of programs geared to provide WIFN members with an opportunity for valuable work experience that will lead to long-term employment. Our programs are designed to increase the skills of our clients so that they are an important part of the labour market.

Who may be eligible for assistance under WIFN Employment and Training programs and services:

1. Registered band members of Walpole Island First Nation.
2. WIFN members who have a Social Insurance Number.
3. WIFN members residing both on and off Bkejwanong Territory.


  • We offer a variety of services and programs to aid you in your job search:
  • Resume writing tips and assistance
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Job Board
  • Career & Employment Counseling
  • Referrals to other services

We have an on-site Resource Room with:

  • Computer Access for resumes
  • Cover letters and job search
  • Fax machine to send out resumes
  • College Brochures and training facility information
  • Other employment related resources

Targeted Wage Subsidy:

Assists WIFN Band Members who wish to access long-term employment by providing services that promote direct work experience, on-the-job training, mentorship, exposure valuable networking opportunities for future career aspirations.
This program aims to influence the demand for workers by encouraging employers to hire these individuals, who now through wage subsidy experience, have be-come valuable trained staff members.

Skills Development:

Skills Development is the direct purchase of any specific employment related training course for the individual that will:
“enable the client to acquire the necessary technical and job-related skills to find employment in their chosen vocation”.  Participants must access the training through the pre-screening process in which an employment action plan is developed and the training should be directly related to these employment goals.

Project Based Training:

The Project Based Training program is a combination of classroom training and on-the-job training that leads to employment. Project Based Training gives people job skills and at the same time completes a project that benefits the community.

Employment Support Services:

We offer employment assistance that will help participants with potential employment opportunities based on individual assessment and action plan.

Self-Employment Assistance:

This program provides financial assistance to en-courage the unemployed to become self-employed by starting and operating a business or to take over an existing business. The Self Employment Assistance Program will provide the participant with a living allowance while he/she works on getting their business established or while he/she works on re-establishing an existing business that he/she has purchased.

Youth Initiatives:

The objective of the WIFN Youth component is to implement new and accessible entry-level training models for occupations within emerging and expanding industries, which are inclusive in design and provide structured career pathways for young people to make effective transitions from school to work.


We provide special programs for persons with physical and mental disabilities to prepare for, obtain and retain employment or self-employment.