Ontario Works

Telephone:  519-627-3583


To provide Social Assistance in a fair, expeditious and responsive manner, when an individual or family suffers temporary loss of income due to unemployment, illness, disability, or some other misfortune.


1. To provide quality service to community members experiencing financial difficulty.
2. To continue to support individuals in their efforts seeking employment or returning to work and gain experience from Ontario Works.
3. To strive to work with other programs and services to better meet the needs of recipients.
4. To raise awareness in the community of the continuous changes in Ontario Works Provincial and Federal legislation.]

  • Ontario Works Program Manager -1
  • Case Manager Assistant -1
  • Case Management Date Base Administrator -1
  • Case Management Intake Worker -1
  • Case Management Support Workers -3
  • Employment Services Coordinator -1
  • Employment Services Coordinator Assistant -1
  • Anyone experiencing financial difficulty may contact the Walpole Island Ontario Works Department at 627-3583 and a confidential appointment will be arranged.
Services Provided:

Individuals who qualify for assistance may include those who are in financial need and are:

  • Unable to find employment (18 years old and over)
  • Unable to work due to illness or long term disability
  • May work full or part time and the level of income is insufficient
  • Temporary care parents
  • Single parents
  • Age of 18 years old and lack of parental support and maintenance
  • Elderly
  • Students
  • A 16 year old when special circumstances exist
  • A resident in the Women’s Shelter and lack of income

Ontario Works may be provided to a person in need because their monthly income from all sources is less that their monthly budgetary needs. Budgetary needs are considered to include the cost of food, shelter, fuel, clothing, and other basic necessities as determined under the Ontario Works Act. Eligibility will depend on your circumstances including assets. If your application is approved, you will receive assistance each month for as long as you are eligible. The amount depends on your family size, your needs, your income and your willingness to participate in approved activities. See attached provincial table used to calculate and determine the amount of income assistance.

Allowances and Benefits

In addition to your monthly income assistance you may get other assistance or benefits such as:

  • Employment Start-up Benefits – additional money to start a new job. If you have to pay for childcare costs in advance, you may get a one-time payment to assist. Total amount payable is $253.00 and may be paid once in a twelve-month period for work boots, transportation, and clothing.
  • August 2005 – If you start full-time employment (30 hours or more per week) you may be eligible for a new full-time benefit of up to $500.00 to help cover your work-related expenses.
  • Dental Care – Children and adults may be eligible for basic dental care. (If verification has been received for Medical services stating you do not qualify for coverage.) This is a discretionary item. Estimates of cost must be provided.
  • Vision Care – Children and adult may be eligible for vision care. (If verification has been received from Medical services stating you do not qualify for coverage.) This is a discretionary item. Estimates of cost must be provided.
  • Back to School Allowance – Parents will receive extra money payable in August to help buy clothing or supplies for their school age children. Total amount payable is: 4 years old to 12 years old $69.00 – 13 years old to 18 years old $128.00.
  • Winter Clothing Allowance – Parents will receive $105.00 per dependent child to help buy winter clothing. Payable in the month of November or December.
  • Community Start-up – There will be money available to help you re-establish yourself in the community when moving due to an emergency or if you are leaving an institution. The allowance is payable once in a twenty-four month period for a maximum of $1,500.00 for recipients with dependent children under 18 years of age; or $799.00 for all recipients. Allowable situations include:
    • Victims of family violence
    • Uninhabitable premises
    • Need to move due to clearly established reasons, e.g., a move to affordable housing, move for employment or training reasons, persons faced with eviction, or conditions of overcrowding.
    • Persons being discharged from institutions including correctional facilities, hospitals, special care homes, or transitions homes.
    • Descriptions of allowable residence establishment costs include the following:
      • Clothing
      • Household furnishings
      • Moving and transportation
      • Last month’s rent deposit; fuel and hydro deposits, or any other related costs approved by staff. It may be paid directly to the party who requires payment i.e., landlord utility company.

Temporary Care Assistance – (formerly Foster Care Allowance) an adult providing temporary care for a child who is in financial need may be eligible for an allowance for the first child in the amount of $221.00 and $180.00 for the second and each additional child.
Personal Needs Allowance – An applicant or participant shall receive a personal needs assistance while resident of Walpole Island First Nation Ezhignowenmindwaa Women’s Shelter in the amount of $116.00 per month.


Discretionary benefits will be granted only to persons in receipt of assistance under the Ontario Works Act, the Ontario Disability Support Act/Family Benefits Act. The issuance of benefits is discretionary to allow the Ontario Works Administrator to make decisions on an individual case-by-case basis.


All decisions can be reviewed internally. An internal review is an efficient and informal review of a decision to ensure that it is consistent with the legislation regulations and policy directives.


If you disagree with the results of the internal review, you may appeal the decision to the Social Benefits Tribunal within (30) days after the internal review decision is made. You may not appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal until your internal review has been completed.
If the internal review is not completed within (10) days of your request, you may appeal the decision of the Tribunal within the (30) days of the date when internal review should have been completed. You can get an Appeal Form from the Ontario Works office or from the Tribunal.