Home and Community Care

Telephone:  519-627-8421



Their Home On The Island Where They Are Cared For


The Walpole Island Home and Community Care Program was established through community needs assessments, planning, development and implementation of an effective, accessible and comprehensive home care plan. The Home and Community Care Program Coordinator, a Registered Nurse, coordinates the Home and Community Care Program. Professionals and trained Personal Support Workers deliver services. The essential services are delivered through a client assessment process by a Registered Nurse to generate a unique client care plan.


The Walpole Island Home and Community Care Program aims to safely preserve and maximize a community member’s ability to   remain as independent as possible, at home in their own community.


Recognizing that First Nation people are its most valuable resource, Home and Community Care contributes to the respect and dignity of individuals by providing needed supportive services. Individuals/families will be responsible for their own care, as much as possible. All registered status members living on Walpole Island will have equal access to Home and Community Care. All care provided will be client centered and as flexible as possible to meet their needs. Support from family, community leadership and the community is essential in providing care and ensuring independence for as long as possible.

  • Home and Community Care services are provided mainly in the home.
  • Home and Community Care services are provided to people based on needs identified through a client assessment.
  • The belief of care is to help people maintain their independence in their own home and allow them to be close to their loved ones as long as possible.
  • Services should be provided in a holistic manner that looks at a   person’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs because each person is unique.
  • Home and Community Care will support and improve the care provided by the family and community but should not replace it.


You may refer yourself or you may be referred by others, such as family members, friends, your doctor, neighbors or hospitals. Call Home and Community Care: 519-627-8421. You will be asked for necessary client information (name, date of birth, status card 10 digit number, health card number, adds with the 911 number and telephone number). Your case will be assigned to a Case Manager who will then call you to set up an appointment for an assessment. After the assessment, the Case Manager will develop a plan of care to meet your identified needs.


 The Case Manager conducts an in depth assessment of a community member’s health and functional ability and refers to the appropriate service provider on and off the Reserve. The Nurse Case Manager works collaboratively to carry out the client needs assessment, care planning, coordination of services, provision of planned services, referrals for medical supplies and equipment, evaluation of client care plans and the client’s response to the care provided. The Case manager also attend family meetings, case conferences and hospital discharge meetings to ensure Walpole Island residents  understand the limitations of the program and to ensure client safety when sent back into the community setting.

Services Provided:
  • Intake and referrals for all clients
  • Conduct needs assessments
  • Determine client’s plan of care
  • Advocate for clients and ensure their needs are met
  • Liaison for clients with other agencies