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The Heritage Centre has been involved in consultation within our traditional territory prior to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decisions that mandated the Crown’s Duty to Consult and Accommodate. This duty is triggered  when any development project is proposed within the traditional territory. After decades of trying to deal individually with each governmental and proponent notice for potential development within Walpole Island First Nation’s traditional territory, the WIFN leadership decided that establishing a consultation program and protocol was a more effective and efficient way of proceeding. WIFN’s External Project Program, housed at the Heritage Centre, was created in 2008 to handle Duty to Consult and Accommodate matters utilizing WIFN’s Consultation and Accommodation Protocol.  There is now a significant body of case law describing Crown obligations to consult with First Nations prior to government taking decisions that may negatively affect Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. This case law is part of the larger constitutional law interpreting s. 35 of the Constitutional Act, 1982 and how it protects Aboriginal, Treaty and inherent rights of First Nations.


NoP_PDF_downlaodWalpole Island First Nation Consultation and Accommodation Protocol


Walpole Island First Nation traditional territory map (for display purposes only)

Walpole Island First Nation Title map (for display purposes only)


Contact info:

Dean Jacobs – Consultation Manager
Phone: 519-627-1475 ext 104
Fax: 519-627-1530

Janet Macbeth – Project Review Coordinator
Phone: 519-627-1475 ext 108
Fax: 519-627-1530

Rex Isaac – Business Development Coordinator
Phone: 519-627-1475 ext 109
Fax: 519-627-1530

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