Walpole Island Health Centre

Telephone:  519-627-0765

walpole island health centre

The Walpole Island Health Centre invites community members of all ages to visit our centre and participate in the broad range of community health program services that we offer for individuals, families, and groups throughout the year. The Walpole Island Health Centre is “accredited” or recognized by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation for meeting national standards of excellence in quality care and services. The current certificate is framed and on display within the Health Centre.  We offer health promotion and illness, chronic disease and injury prevention services across the lifespan and work in linkage and partnership with community members, service-providers, leadership, and other First Nations for the benefit and best interests of the Walpole Island First Nation.


“Create a healthy present and future for the Walpole Island First Nation by providing high quality, culturally-appropriate, holistic health services with enthusiasm, excellence, and dedication to client safety.”

Community Diabetes Prevention Vision Statement

“Within seven generations, the Bkejwanong Territory will be a safe, healthy and “Diabetes-free” community.
Each person will be empowered to eat healthy, be physically active and reach his/her full potential for holistic health & wellness given by the Creator.
Our community will have plenty of family gardens, fresh fish and game to eat, fitness and recreational facilities, and beautiful walking trails to use.

Kina Enwemgig (All my Relations) will share this community vision for diabetes prevention.”

List of Community Health Program Staff

1. Rosemary Williams, Nurse Manager
2. Cindy Harper, Community Health Nurse (CHN)
3. Darlene Partridge, CHN
4. Penny Williams, Community Health Representative (CHR)
5. Vicky Smith, CHR
6. Krystal Kewayosh-Jacobs, CHR
7. Brenda Wheat-Sinclair, CHR
8. Jana White, FASD & Child Nutrition Worker (FASD/CN)
9. Darryl Blackbird, Community Mental Health Worker (CMHW)
10. Glenna Jacobs, Healthy Babies Healthy Children Worker (AHBHC)
11. Sandra Sands, Finance Support Worker/Community Health Clerk (CHC)
12. Denise Aquash, Medical Transportation Program Worker / CHC
13. Patricia Soney, CHC
14. Darren Williams, F-T Maintenance Worker
15. Tim Lallean, F-T Maintenance Worker

CHP Program Mandate
  • Health Promotion
  • Illness / Injury Prevention
  • Health Screening
  • Communicable Disease Control
  • Health Emergency Planning