Economic Development

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As a Department of the Walpole Island First Nation Government, the Economic Development Director reports to the Walpole Island First Nation Economic Development Committee and is supervised by the Director of Operations. The Executive Assistant reports to the Economic Development Director. The Department is funded by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.economic development walpole island

In order to proceed with the initiatives of the previous work plans some of the goals have been modified and added upon to meet the changing environments.

To look at the long term sustainability, this Department works closely with departmental peers to encourage education, social responsibility and avenues that motivate individuals to attain their full potential.

The work plan addresses the overall goals of the Walpole Island First Nation and the ambitions of the individual, while being cognizant of the ecological balance within our community.


There are two (2) significant guiding principles:

#1. The needs of the people are first
#2. The Department maintains a duty to the community


All resources available shall be developed in such a manner that future generations will have the right to use them and enjoy forever. In accordance with our declaration we shall allow for maximum use and development of human, physical and financial resources. (SCM May 1987)MISSION STATEMENT:

The Walpole Island Economic Development Committee serves the entire Walpole Island Community by creating equal opportunities through the development, support and growth of Walpole Island First Nation’s economy. (Strategic Focus, January 2008)


The Department of Economic Development will, through the use of Community Economic Development principles, facilitate and put into place an environment that encourages economic growth. (Strategic Focus, January 2008)


The Walpole Island Economic Development Committee follows the principles of the Seven Grandfather Teachings in everything we do that will facilitate the development of a healthy community. (Strategic Focus, January 2008)



a) To create a positive investment climate and improved awareness by raising the visibility of Walpole Island in the business community
b) Increase education, awareness and knowledge about Walpole Island and its economic development opportunities
c) To offer the entrepreneur the best possible assistance at making their business successful
d) To offer infrastructure: new, upgraded and replaced that support industries/businesses
e) To support community businesses utilizing available resources

#2. BUSINESS RETENTION (shop local, advertise the Mall)

a) Enhance the general economic development climate that encourages and enables business retention and expansion
b) Develop and analyze opportunities of benefit for Walpole Island. Areas include but are not limited to farming, manufacturing, retail, tourism and alternative utilization of the marshes and wetlands
c) Utilizing data obtained determine:
• an environmentally friendly, light non-polluting industry which meets our community’s needs
• the human resources needed to participate in the work offered
• the resources available to complete a business plan, for actively seeking industry to locate within our territories
d) Maintain relationships with community businesses to ensure profitability and productivity


a) To facilitate the development of entrepreneurial skills and to offer incentives that will encourage successful small business development
b) To foster small business development through:
• Business plan development
• Start up support assistance
• Providing relevant materials and resources
c) To design and implement workshops which addresses the needs of the business community. Examples: tourism, gaming, cultural/historical events. Further, to poll existing businesses to keep identification of needed common skills such as CPR, First Aid, Health and Safety areas, telephone mannerism, etc…
d) To hold specific workshops on:
• business planning, funding sources, marketing, training
• needed common skills of a successful business