Chief & Council

2018-2020 WIFN Chief & Council

Neva Isaac-Sands, Ron Soney, Sharon Coyle, Chief Dan Miskokomon, Steve Tooshkenig,
Brennan Altiman, Shirley Tooshkenig, Joel Johnson, Arlene Dodge, Lyle Johnson
Not Present:  Muriel Sampson, Valarie Wabosse, Alan D. Jacobs


WIFN Political Declarations


About Us
Bkejwanong First Nation, also known as Walpole Island, is located near Wallaceburg, Ontario at the mouth of the St. Clair River. It encompasses six islands that have been occupied by the Ojibwe, Potawatomi and Ottawa peoples for thousands of years. These Nations also represent the Council of the Three Fires, which is a political and cultural confederacy that has survived the test of time. Walpole Island has never been set apart as a reserve, giving it the distinction of being unceeded territory. Today, the Bkejwanong First Nation has a total membership of 4860 people with 2371 people living in the community.  Bkejwanong is home to some of the most diverse wetlands, oak savannas, and tallgrass prairies of the Great Lakes region. Recreation and tourism are important to the local economy, as Walpole Island’s unique ecosystem is an attraction for hunters and fishers worldwide. Community members not only provide guide services, but they also continue to hunt, fish and trap on the land. Agriculture is another significant industry, and the First Nation farms several thousand acres under a co-operative called Tahgahoning. Bkejwanong is also home to a number of private and First Nation-run business enterprises.  The largest employer on Walpole Island is the First Nation itself, which delivers programs and services to the community.


Political Office

Walpole Island First Nation
117 Tahgahoning, R.R. 3
Walpole Island, ON  N8A 4K9
Phone:  519-628-5700
Fax:  519-628-4185