Central Registry

Telephone:  519-627-1045

Walpole Island central registryMandate:

To ensure that the First Nation provides culturally relevant and appropriate programs and services to meet the needs of the First Nation membership in a professional and community oriented manner.


We ensure that goods and services provided to all community programs are of good quality and adhere to high standards of product delivery. We keep the other Band-owned buildings in good repair with the safety of the community in mind.


To ensure that Walpole Island First Nation is receiving the best prices for goods and services, while establishing our community as a viable purchasing entity. Assessing ways to make our Band Buildings safer for all employees and the community in general.


Employs a staff of four.

Services Provided:

The Central Office Manager handles all office operational issues as well as managing the File Clerks, Receptionist and Janitor positions.
We now handle all mail at the Central File building for all WIFN programs.
We maintain all important documents for the Walpole Island First Nation organization.
We now use Laserfiche software to assist us with record and document management on a daily basis.

How can the community help?

If you have any old Walpole-related documents, we would be interested in scanning them for Walpole’s archives.